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Art Appreciation & Care

Prevent Light Damage All light sources, whether natural or artificial, have some of their components in the ultraviolet range. The most drastic visual effect of exposure to UV light is the dramatic fading of colours – especially those colours that contain red. Other effects include the yellowing and/or bleaching of paper fibres, sizing dyes, brighteners […]

Guide to Good Framing

Your Guide To Good Framing When deciding on a framer for your works of art or mementos, be sure to shop around. In most cases, you can’t tell that framing is not up to your expectations until maybe a year later, and by then it might be too late to reverse the damage. Checklist: Take […]

The Five Levels of Framing

There are five levels of framing that differentiate your ordinary framer from your custom framer. Most ordinary frameshops offer the Budget and Minimum levels of skills and service. For framing that is designed to last and withstand the test of time, it’s best to opt for the Commended, Conservation or Museum levels. Find out the […]


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