Your Guide to Good Framing

Your Guide To Good Framing

When deciding on a framer for your works of art or mementos, be sure to shop around. In most cases, you can’t tell that framing is not up to your expectations until maybe a year later, and by then it might be too late to reverse the damage.



  • Take a look around the frame store. Is this the kind of place to which you would trust your valuable painting or picture?

  • Is it clean, well organised? Or is there a lot of clutter and stuff lying around?

  • Does the person attending to you show an interest in what you’re framing?

  • Is there an ample choice of frame mouldings – preferably more than 1,000 styles?

  • Are there fabric mats to choose from?

  • If your art is a signed original or signed edition, does the salesperson suggest museum matting as opposed to a regular acid free mat?

  • Did you get a price quote? Did your salesperson just write up the order assuming you would accept the price?

  • Did you shop around and compare each store’s offers?

  • Did you get a due date? Most framers work on a due date system. If your chosen moulding is back ordered, will your framer give you a courtesy call and give you a new estimated due date?

  • If your art is extremely valuable can your framer produce an insurance policy stating his coverage on art while in his possession?

  • Does your framer give any guarantees in writing or is everything verbal?


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