Hanging System

  •  Click Rail

Click Rail


Especially suitable for hanging wall decorations in residential and commercial interiors, is the Artiteq Click Rail. This profile is used for walls and can easily be mounted by means of screws and fastening clips.

Click Rail is an exposed system where the tracks will be installed along the ceiling. If the ceiling is already in place, the track may have to be installed with a small gap between the top of the track and the ceiling line.


  • The aluminium rail is 25mm high and 8mm wide

  • Maximum weight is 20 kgs per metre, if mounted correctly.

With perlon or steel wires and picture-hooks for various weights, your decoration can be hung on any desirable height and can easily be switched.

- The rail is available in powder coated white and black, anodised aluminium and brushed aluminium.

- When you choose for the primer finish of the Click Rail, you can paint the rail in the same colour as your wall so that the hanging system virtually runs into the wall.

  • Imagine It

Imagine It


This new Artiteq hanging system concept allows unconventional  style of hanging magazines and trade journals in an appealing way.


The great thing about this system is that it is unobtrusive: because of its minimalistic design, Imagine It almost appears to float.


It is also possible to use Imagine It to divide a room area or office department into different autonomous workstations.


This ensures that a pleasant and open atmosphere is preserved, at the same time allowing sufficient privacy to enable individuals to focus on their work.

  • Info Rail

Info Rail


The Info Rail is the ideal display system for displaying cards, posters, drawings and photos on the wall.

With Info Rail, you can create a tidy, orderly display of your documents. This system means no more damaged wall from thumbtacks, tape and so on, enabling you to change drawings or posters faster and easier.

This hanging system is versatile to use in classrooms and school corridors and also information sharing in office.

  • Art Strip

Art Strip


The Art Strip is the picture hanging system that is hidden in a recessed ceiling. It replaces the side strip which is used for the installation of recessed ceilings. During a tear-down phase or renovation work, the Art Strip can be installed at the same time as the recessed ceiling so that you can have the entire stretch of ceiling installed with Art Strip to allow flexibility for artwork decoration.

Art Strip is not visible due to the construction method and is able to support up to 50kg of weight.

Display It


The Display It presentation system gives you a professional and orderly way to display your announcements or documents. The system’s acrylic frames are easy to mount and adjust to the desired height. Thanks to the E-clip for Display It, you can change the contents of the acrylic frames in seconds. The clip also makes it easy to connect the frames to one another, making both horizontal and vertical displays possible.


This display system is ideal for estate agents and is often used as a ‘face wall’ for photos of staff displayed on the wall in hospitals and other institutions.

  • Display It

  • Uniq Hanger

Uniq Hanger


If your room does not allow the installation of a ceiling hanging system, you may consider adopting the Uniq Hanger, which offers a solution for such situations. Not only is it easy and safe to hang a picture frame on the wall and easily adjust the height, but it also creates a certain look.


The combination of the stainless steel button with the steel wire might give you just the look you want to create in your interior.


You also have the option of fully concealing the system behind your photo frame or painting.

  • Picture Mouse

Picture Mouse


Picture Mouse Solo is a handy and original hanging cord for hanging several documents at the same time, such as displaying cards, for example.


It is a hanging system that makes practical use of the walls in a room. Thanks to the transparent Picture Clips, it is easy to attach photos, cards and other documents to the steel cord. Magnets also naturally work with the Picture Mouse cord, as an alternative to the clips. 


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