Matboard is a critical component in conservation framing industry which serves two main purpose:

1. To protect the artwork and prevent the artwork from directly leaning against the glass and the backing board which may be acidic in nature; and

2. To enhance the visual appeal of the artwork and serve as the connecting piece between the artwork and the frame.

100% Cotton core and backing paper, acid-free and lignin-free. Our matboards offers a high level of conservation protection. Recommended for fine art prints, limited edition prints, valuable documents, photographs and heirloom needle art.

Cotton Matboard:

  • Made of strong cotton fibers, which are naturally acid-free and lignin-free

  • Cotton is time-tested and naturally free of any chemicals that could harm artwork

  • Cotton is annually renewable and environmentally friendly

  • Our matboard meets museum conservation standards as set by F.A.C.T.S. and F.A.T.G.

  • Safe next to any artwork


  • Valuable works of original art

  • Rare and antique documents

  • Items of historical importance

  • Fine art prints, limited editions

  • Valuable documents and photographs

  • Heirloom needle art


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