Tru Vue Optium Acrylic

Conservation Grade UV Protection

Optium Acrylic® is a lightweight, anti-reflective, anti-static, clear-coated acrylic that provides greater security than traditional glazing. Optium Acrylic® products are manufactured utilising a clear, hard-coated abrasion-resistant acrylic sheet. A magnetron sputtered thin film multi-layered anti-reflection coating is applied to both sides of the acrylic sheet using a patented Tru Vue® Optium® technology. The coating is engineered for demanding optical requirements, durability, and strength.

Technical Info

  • Available in 3.0mm

  • Provides anti-static and anti-reflective protection with 93% UV protection

  • Allows for easy handling – approximately 50% lighter than glass and shatter resistant

  • Abrasion resistant – extends the service life

  • Cuts like regular acrylic

  • Cleans like Tru Vue glass products with ammonia-free cleaner.

When To Use

  • Ideal for pastels, charcoals, & static sensitive pieces.

  • Large-scale framing projects – ideal for sizes under 40”x60”

  • Shadowboxes

  • Any artwork that would benefit from reflection-free viewing



  • Cotton or nitrile rubber gloves should be worn to minimise finger-prints and other particles.

  • Optium Acrylic® products are covered with a protective film masking on each surface. This masking prevents scratching during handling and cutting and should be left in place on the sheet as long as possible.

  • To remove the masking, start at one corner and pull towards the opposite side of the sheet slowly and evenly without stopping.

  • The masking should never be exposed to excessive sunlight or outdoor conditions for extended periods of time

Framing Practices for 40”x60” and larger

To prevent bowing, twisting, and/or warping during framing, provide reinforcing support of the acrylic sheet during framing


  • Place Optium on a clean, dust-free work area

  • Cover the work table with a soft, clean, lint-free felt

  • Use a Multi-Material cutter “scribe and break” method



  • Place the acrylic on a clean, non-abrasive surface for cleaning

  • Use a clean, soft, lint-free or micro-fibre cloth to clean

  • Do not use coarse or abrasive cleaning agents or dirty cloths

  • Spray an ammonia-free cleaner onto the cloth and wipe the acrylic

  • Never spray cleaner directly on the acrylic

  • Do not use an acrylic cleaner on this product


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