Frame Moulding

We have wide variety of frame mouldings imported from multiple countries such as Germany, Italy, Spain, UK and China.

Each frame moulding has a unique profile, design and carvings and until certain extend, we are able to modify or custom made your frame to your request.


The quality of the framing heightens the value of your artwork and draw the attention of the viewers to your valuable piece, making it more visually pleasing to be displayed.

After all, what matters to you should deserve more than the ordinary.

Our wide collections of frame profiles allow you to expand your creativity to explore the best frame to complement your artwork. 

Our frame mouldings are made from varying wood with different dimensions applicable for oil paintings, Chinese ink painting, loose media artwork, photographs, prints, posters, 3 D artworks and objects, memorabilia, Jersey and everything else that you may want to frame for proper protection and display.

If you are unsure what is best for your artwork, feel free to speak to our framing consultants!

We would be more than happy to view your artwork and recommend the best framing package based on your personal requirements and needs.

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